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I slunk around the street corner in the guise of a sleek black cat with a slightly put out expression on its face. It was bad enough that my master took me, my quick wit and engaging conversational skill for granted, but he’d decided to wander off and leave me to wait for my essence to rot. I relaxed into the guise of Ptolemy (a fourteen year old Egyptian boy wearing nothing but a white loin cloth. I felt comfortable in his guise.), folded my arms across my bare brown chest and leaned against a wall to wait. Conspicuous, perhaps, but there wasn’t a soul in sight to notice, and stealth was not high on my list of priorities. 

My justly irritated musing, however, was cut short as I spied a human figure making its way down one of the side streets towards me. I stayed where I was, convinced enough that it was my master that I called “Two days I’ve been waiting around this street. Two whole days.” I was hardly going to let the boy wander in and give me more meaningless waffle and even  more pointless orders without giving him a good piece of my mind first.I realised too late that the approaching figure was certainly not the boy. 

((ooc: I’m experimenting with this first person style because it sounds more like the muse so if it bothers you tell me and I can make the switch. Or if you want to plan a different starter, I’m just tagging followers here because. I’m just starting out so please bear with?))

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    He tilted his head, watching while the other shrunk back down to the Egyptian boy, finding him much easier to speak...
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    "Well, alright. The whole shebang is pretty tragic if you will insist on putting it like that." With this, my form began...
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    "Oh, are we adhering to courtesies now? My bad." He stroked a hand over his chin but didn’t pay the insult too much...